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Domain Name Considerations for your next Business Website

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Now, if you’ve decided to build a website for yourself, and you know what all things you’re going to put on your website, and if this is your first website, then you must be wondering about how the website will go online? Or how to put it on internet that others can access?

So, let's look into this.

Now, you’ll require a domain name and a web hosting account suitable to meet your purpose. So let’s find out what is domain name?

Domain Name

It can be a complicated task when deciding to build a website, but choosing the right domain name is even more complicated. A good domain name can get more traffic compared to not so good domain name. Once you decide to build a website for yourself, you should and must register your own domain name.

So what exactly is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name which identifies your website on the internet. It's like a your telephone number. So when someone put your domain name in address bar, your website will be open in his browser. Take for instance that you've open this website by typing in your web browser. In this case, is a domain name.,, are just few more examples of domain name. You can choose and register any domain name suitable for your website and purpose given that no one else has already registered it. If this is the case then you should change your domain name choice rather to wait for domain name expiration. You can choose any suitable suffix for your domain.

Let's understand domain suffixes

Suffixes are included in a domain name, which are referred as Top Level Domain (TLD). These TLD’s are based on the category of organization that they are related to. Below you’ll find some of the popular Tld:

  • .com used for commercial business website, most common among all Tlds used, .biz is also used for same purpose
  • .edu used for educational institute
  • .gov used for government agency
  • .net used for commercial network
  • .org for not profit organizations

There are also country specific domains like…

  • .in & for India
  • .uk for United Kingdome
  • .ca for Canada
  • .us for United States and the like..

You can find the complete list of TLDs here.

Because identity is given to a website through the domain name, selecting the correct one can be a rather complicated task. The key is to select a domain name that is simple to remember, and essentially a domain name that refers to the content or products and services that you’re providing. Incorporating keywords when selecting a domain name shall assist you, because this will give higher search engine results for your website in search results.

Here are the few tips which will help you select the right domain name for your next business or personal website / blog.

Quick Tips for Choosing Right Domain Name for your Website

Like any brand name, logo, or trademark, your domain name represents part of your business identity. Customers will associate it with your particular product, service, company and so on, if you name it correctly. Remember that your domain name will probably be used for several purposes, including your web site, email address, and possibly an ftp or other server. It will be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

If your domain name can be easily remembered then you will attract more customers. People will use your web site or email address to get immediate and convenient access to the information or service that you are providing.

Domain names are portable. You can move physical address, change phone numbers, change Internet service providers, change the company that hosts your web site, and still keep the same domain name. This provides an extremely flexible method of keeping in touch with your customers and users.

    Know the Right Domain Format

    Domain names can generally be up to 67 characters long (including the extension), and contain two or more of the characters a-z, 0-9 and '-' (hyphen). Some domain names must be a minimum of 3 characters (not including the extension). Domain names cannot start or end with '-' (hyphen). Domain names are not case sensitive, therefore and and are all equivalent.

    Know your Target Market

    Choose the domain name that is well associated with your target market. An appropriate considerations will help your target remember your domain name more easily and this will help them to associate your domain name with your rest of things, like your services, products, etc. Depending on who you are targeting this could mean choosing names that sound sincere, cool, current, active, professional, or that use key words from the industry for example.

    Keep it Short and Simple

    Good domain names are easily memorable and easily typed. Generally this means keeping them short. Restrict the domain name to one, two or three words at most. (The one exception to this is the next tip). All other things being equal, give preference to words with fewer syllables and words that are easy to pronounce. Short is good, but don't use difficult to remember acronyms.

    Avoid Hyphens

    Hyphens should be avoided if possible. When I chose as a domain name, I deliberately didn't include hyphens. I agree that it would have made it easier to read (, but the problem is that it is more difficult to say.

    Use Plurals

    Whenever possible, use a plural form. It this seems more natural. If you're selling toy trains, go with "" instead of "".

    Mind Your Key Words

    You can register a long domain name containing a list of relevant words for your web site to achieve a higher ranking in some search engines. Several of the major search engines rank web sites much higher if the search terms are contained in the domain name. You can use up to 63 characters to create a long domain name with keywords and automatically redirect visitors to the real web site.

    Mind Visualization

    Use words that can be visualized. Vision is the strongest of human senses. Even better, use words that involve several of the 5 senses. This usually involves choosing more common nouns (names or objects), verbs (actions), and adjectives (descriptions). For example, the word "fire" is easily imagined. It includes strong cues in four of the five senses - visual (red and yellow flames), auditory (crackling and other noises), feeling (heat), and smell (smoke).

    Associate with your Target Region

    Register the domain name in the correct global or country level domain. For universal appeal use a .com, .info, .biz, .org, or .net domain. For local appeal use an appropriate domain in your country, such as, or Note that many domains have restrictions on what domain names can be registered. In some domains you can only use a name that is derived from a registered business or organization name. If your target region is specific country, then using country specific domain will definitely more appropriate. Many search engines provide more emphasize to websites with country specific domain and give them preference over others in local searches.

    Avoid Confusing Spellings / Words

    Always use correct spellings in your domain name unless it is required by other preferences like your product or brand name. If your domain is targeted at a worldwide audience then stay away from words that are spelt differently throughout the world. This also applies to many words that have different meanings throughout the world. Some common English words are even offensive in other languages.

    Try to Be Unique

    Don't choose domain names that are very similar to others if possible. After all, you want customers coming to you, not your competitors! An exception to this rule is if you register the domain name of a commonly misspelt word, in the hope of catching additional customers, provided that you are not infringing on any trademarks.

    Check for Unintentional Wordings

    Do check for unintentional wordings before you register a domain. Words such as "Jeans Wearing" which can also be read as "Jean Swearing". Avoid them altogether or use capitalization in marketing material ( or hyphens in the domain name ( to separate the words if really necessary.

    Ensure Trademark Issues

    Ensure that there will be no trademark or other legal problems with the domain name you choose.

    Renew it before it's too Late

    Remember, you don't own your domain name. You're merely renting it for a specified period. Don't let your domain name expire, or your competitors may snatch it out from under you.

Domain Registration

Once you decide your domain name, you must register it as soon as possible. Because thousands of website are developed each day & lots of domains are registered every day. So, if you delay, you might found yourself loosing the right domain name for your website.

We provide Domain Name Registration services at very affordable rates. Click here to register your domain name with us.

Remember that you can register your domain name with one provider yet use hosting services provided by other service provider. In this case you need to update domain name servers of your domain provided by your hosting service providers.

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